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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v1.9.1

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Here is a list of all modules:
 API version
 Object Sets (hwloc_cpuset_t and hwloc_nodeset_t)
 Object Types
 Object Structure and Attributes
 Topology Creation and Destruction
 Topology Detection Configuration and Query
 Object levels, depths and types
 Manipulating Object Type, Sets and Attributes as Strings
 CPU binding
 Memory binding
 Modifying a loaded Topology
 Building Custom Topologies
 Exporting Topologies to XML
 Finding Objects inside a CPU set
 Finding Objects covering at least CPU set
 Looking at Ancestor and Child Objects
 Looking at Cache Objects
 Finding objects, miscellaneous helpers
 Distributing items over a topology
 CPU and node sets of entire topologies
 Converting between CPU sets and node sets
 Manipulating Distances
 Finding I/O objects
 The bitmap API
 Topology differences
 Components and Plugins: Discovery components
 Components and Plugins: Discovery backends
 Components and Plugins: Generic components
 Components and Plugins: Core functions to be used by components
 Components and Plugins: PCI functions to be used by components
 Linux-specific helpers
 Interoperability with Linux libnuma unsigned long masks
 Interoperability with Linux libnuma bitmask
 Interoperability with glibc sched affinity
 Interoperability with OpenCL
 Interoperability with the CUDA Driver API
 Interoperability with the CUDA Runtime API
 Interoperability with the NVIDIA Management Library
 Interoperability with OpenGL displays
 Interoperability with Intel Xeon Phi (MIC)
 Interoperability with OpenFabrics
 Interoperability with Myrinet Express