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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v1.9.1

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Components and Plugins: PCI functions to be used by components


int hwloc_insert_pci_device_list (struct hwloc_backend *backend, struct hwloc_obj *first_obj)
unsigned hwloc_pci_find_cap (const unsigned char *config, unsigned cap)
int hwloc_pci_find_linkspeed (const unsigned char *config, unsigned offset, float *linkspeed)
int hwloc_pci_prepare_bridge (hwloc_obj_t obj, const unsigned char *config)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

int hwloc_insert_pci_device_list ( struct hwloc_backend backend,
struct hwloc_obj first_obj 

Insert a list of PCI devices and bridges in the backend topology.

Insert a list of objects (either PCI device or bridges) starting at first_obj (linked by next_sibling in the topology, and ending with NULL). Objects are placed under the right bridges, and the remaining upstream bridges are then inserted in the topology by calling the get_obj_cpuset() callback to find their locality.

unsigned hwloc_pci_find_cap ( const unsigned char *  config,
unsigned  cap 

Return the offset of the given capability in the PCI config space buffer.

This function requires a 256-bytes config space. Unknown/unavailable bytes should be set to 0xff.

int hwloc_pci_find_linkspeed ( const unsigned char *  config,
unsigned  offset,
float *  linkspeed 

Fill linkspeed by reading the PCI config space where PCI_CAP_ID_EXP is at position offset.

Needs 20 bytes of EXP capability block starting at offset in the config space for registers up to link status.

int hwloc_pci_prepare_bridge ( hwloc_obj_t  obj,
const unsigned char *  config 

Modify the PCI device object into a bridge and fill its attribute if a bridge is found in the PCI config space.

This function requires 64 bytes of common configuration header at the beginning of config.