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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v1.9.1

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Components and Plugins: Discovery backends

Data Structures

struct  hwloc_backend


enum  hwloc_backend_flag_e { HWLOC_BACKEND_FLAG_NEED_LEVELS }


struct hwloc_backendhwloc_backend_alloc (struct hwloc_disc_component *component)
int hwloc_backend_enable (struct hwloc_topology *topology, struct hwloc_backend *backend)
int hwloc_backends_get_obj_cpuset (struct hwloc_backend *caller, struct hwloc_obj *obj, hwloc_bitmap_t cpuset)
int hwloc_backends_notify_new_object (struct hwloc_backend *caller, struct hwloc_obj *obj)

Detailed Description

Enumeration Type Documentation

Backend flags.


Levels should be reconnected before this backend discover() is used.

Function Documentation

struct hwloc_backend* hwloc_backend_alloc ( struct hwloc_disc_component component)

Allocate a backend structure, set good default values, initialize backend->component and topology, etc. The caller will then modify whatever needed, and call hwloc_backend_enable().

int hwloc_backend_enable ( struct hwloc_topology *  topology,
struct hwloc_backend backend 

Enable a previously allocated and setup backend.

int hwloc_backends_get_obj_cpuset ( struct hwloc_backend caller,
struct hwloc_obj obj,
hwloc_bitmap_t  cpuset 

Used by backends discovery callbacks to request locality information from others.

Traverse the list of enabled backends until one has a get_obj_cpuset() method, and call it.

int hwloc_backends_notify_new_object ( struct hwloc_backend caller,
struct hwloc_obj obj 

Used by backends discovery callbacks to notify other backends of new objects.

Traverse the list of enabled backends (all but caller) and invoke their notify_new_object() method to notify them that a new object just got added to the topology.

Currently only used for notifying of new PCI device objects.