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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v2.2.0

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Helpers for consulting distance matrices


static int hwloc_distances_obj_index (struct hwloc_distances_s *distances, hwloc_obj_t obj)
static int hwloc_distances_obj_pair_values (struct hwloc_distances_s *distances, hwloc_obj_t obj1, hwloc_obj_t obj2, hwloc_uint64_t *value1to2, hwloc_uint64_t *value2to1)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ hwloc_distances_obj_index()

static int hwloc_distances_obj_index ( struct hwloc_distances_s distances,
hwloc_obj_t  obj 

Find the index of an object in a distances structure.

-1 if object obj is not involved in structure distances.

◆ hwloc_distances_obj_pair_values()

static int hwloc_distances_obj_pair_values ( struct hwloc_distances_s distances,
hwloc_obj_t  obj1,
hwloc_obj_t  obj2,
hwloc_uint64_t *  value1to2,
hwloc_uint64_t *  value2to1 

Find the values between two objects in a distance matrices.

The distance from obj1 to obj2 is stored in the value pointed by value1to2 and reciprocally.

-1 if object obj1 or obj2 is not involved in structure distances.