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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v1.6.2

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Create and Destroy Topologies


int hwloc_topology_init (hwloc_topology_t *topologyp)
int hwloc_topology_load (hwloc_topology_t topology)
void hwloc_topology_destroy (hwloc_topology_t topology)
void hwloc_topology_check (hwloc_topology_t topology)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void hwloc_topology_check ( hwloc_topology_t  topology)

Run internal checks on a topology structure.

The program aborts if an inconsistency is detected in the given topology.

topologyis the topology to be checked
This routine is only useful to developers.
The input topology should have been previously loaded with hwloc_topology_load().
void hwloc_topology_destroy ( hwloc_topology_t  topology)

Terminate and free a topology context.

topologyis the topology to be freed
int hwloc_topology_init ( hwloc_topology_t topologyp)

Allocate a topology context.

[out]topologypis assigned a pointer to the new allocated context.
0 on success, -1 on error.
int hwloc_topology_load ( hwloc_topology_t  topology)

Build the actual topology.

Build the actual topology once initialized with hwloc_topology_init() and tuned with Configure Topology Detection routines. No other routine may be called earlier using this topology context.

topologyis the topology to be loaded with objects.
0 on success, -1 on error.
On failure, the topology is reinitialized. It should be either destroyed with hwloc_topology_destroy() or configured and loaded again.
This function may be called only once per topology.
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