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Title: Supercomputing 2008 slides


George Bosilca, Joshua Hursey, Rainer Keller, Matthias Mueller, Jeff Squyres


Per request from many SC attendees, we are publishing our slides from various talks by Open MPI team members at SC. The talks are:

  • "Open MPI Community Meeting" BOF by Jeff Squyres, George Bosilca, and Dave Montoya.
  • "Surviving in the Petascale World [and Beyond]" presentation in the Cisco booth by George Bosilca.
  • "MPI Implemnetation Health Assessment Through Multi-Institutional Distributed Testing" presentation in the Cisco booth by Joshua Hursey.
  • "Open MPI: 10^15 Flops Can't Be Wrong" presentation in the Cisco booth by Jeff Squyres.
  • "Open MPI: Open Source + Innovation + Community = Petaflop" presentations in the Mellanox and QLogic booths by Jeff Squyres.
  • "Performance Analysis with Open MPI and VampirTrace" presentation in the Cisco booth by Matthias Mueller.
  • "Memory Debugging for MPI-Applications in Open MPI" presentation in the Cisco booth by Rainer Keller.
Some talks contained animations which will not show in the PDFs below. Other talks were originally presented in 16:9 format, and look a little small in the PDFs.

Presented: SC'08, November, 2008, in Austin, TX, USA


bof-ompi-community-meeting-1up.pdf (PDF) bof-ompi-community-meeting-2up.pdf (PDF) gbosilca-cisco-booth-1up.pdf (PDF) gbosilca-cisco-booth-2up.pdf (PDF) jhursey-cisco-booth-1up.pdf (PDF) jhursey-cisco-booth-2up.pdf (PDF) jsquyres-cisco-booth-talk-1up.pdf (PDF) jsquyres-cisco-booth-talk-2up.pdf (PDF) jsquyres-other-booth-talk-1up.pdf (PDF) jsquyres-other-booth-talk-2up.pdf (PDF) mmueller-cisco-booth-1up.pdf (PDF) mmueller-cisco-booth-2up.pdf (PDF) rkeller-cisco-booth-1up.pdf (PDF) rkeller-cisco-booth-2up.pdf (PDF)