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Title: Supercomputing 2005 slides


Jeff Squyres, Tim Woodall, George Bosilca, Graham Fagg


Per request from many SC attendees, we are publishing our slides from various talks by Open MPI team members at SC. There are 1-up and 6-up PDF versions of each. The talks are:

  • Four mini-talks about Open MPI in the Indiana University booth:
    1. Introduction and Overview of Open MPI
      Jeff Squyres (Indiana University)
    2. Advanced Point-to-Point Architecture in Open MPI
      Tim Woodall (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    3. Datatypes, Fault Tolerance, and Other Cool Stuff in Open MPI
      George Bosilca (University of Tennessee)
    4. Tuning Collective Communication: Managing the choices
      Graham Fagg (University of Tennessee)
  • Open MPI summary presentation at the Eclipse parallel debugging BOF (Jeff Squyres, Indiana University).
  • Open MPI summary presentation at the AIST booth (Jeff Squyres, Indiana University).
  • "Why MPI Makes You Scream! And How Can We Improve Parallel Debugging?" BOF (Jeff Squyres, Indiana University)

Presented: SC'05, November, 2005, in Seattle, Washington, USA


iu-booth-slides-1up.pdf (PDF) iu-booth-slides-6up.pdf (PDF) eclipse-bof-1up.pdf (PDF) eclipse-bof-6up.pdf (PDF) aist-booth-1up.pdf (PDF) aist-booth-6up.pdf (PDF) debugging-bof-1up.pdf (PDF) debugging-bof-6up.pdf (PDF)