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Title: Memory Debugging of MPI-Parallel Applications in Open MPI


Rainer Keller, Shiqing Fan, and Michael Resch


In this paper we describe the implementation of memory checking functionality based on instrumentation using valgrind. The combination of valgrind based checking functions within the MPI-implementation offers superior debugging functionality, for errors that otherwise are not possible to detect with comparable MPI-debugging tools. The functionality is integrated into Open MPI as the so-called memchecker-framework. This allows other memory debuggers that offer a similar API to be integrated. The tight control of the user's memory passed to Open MPI, allows not only to find application errors, but also helps track bugs within Open MPI itself. We describe the actual checks, classes of errors being found, how memory buffers internally are being handled, show errors actually found in user's code and the performance implications of this instrumentation.

Presented: ParCo2007, September 4th - 7th, 2007, Julich, Germany.


parco-2007.pdf (PDF)

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