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Title: An Extensible Framework for Distributed Testing of MPI Implementations


Joshua Hursey, Ethan Mallove, Jeffrey M. Squyres, and Andrew Lumsdaine


Complex code bases require continual testing to ensure that both new development and routine maintenance do not create unintended side effects. Automation of regression testing is a common mechanism to ensure consistency, accuracy, and repeatability of results. The MPI Testing Tool (MTT) is a flexible framework specifically designed for testing MPI implementations across multiple organizations and environments. The MTT offers a unique combination of features not available in any individual testing framework, including a built-in multiplicative effect for creating and running tests, historical correctness and performance analysis, and support for multiple cluster resource managers.

Presented: EuroPVM/MPI '07, September 30th - October 3rd, 2007, Paris, France.


euro-pvmmpi-2007-mtt.pdf (PDF)

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