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MPI_T_cvar_handle_free(3) man page (version 4.1.6)

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MPI_T_cvar_handle_alloc, MPI_T_cvar_handle_free - Allocate/free contol variable handles


C Syntax

#include <mpi.h>
int MPI_T_cvar_handle_alloc(int cvar_index, void *obj_handle,
                            MPI_T_cvar_handle *handle, int *count)
int MPI_T_cvar_handle_free(MPI_T_cvar_handle *handle)


MPI_T_cvar_handle_alloc binds the control variable specified in cvar_index to the MPI object specified in obj_handle. If MPI_T_cvar_get_info returns MPI_T_BIND_NO_OBJECT as the binding of the variable the obj_handle argument is ignored. The number of values represented by this control variable is returned in the count parameter. If the control variable represents a string then count will be the maximum length of the string.

MPI_T_cvar_handle_free frees a handle allocated by MPI_T_cvar_handle_alloc and sets the handle argument to MPI_T_CVAR_HANDLE_NULL.


Open MPI does not currently support binding MPI objects to control variables so the obj_handle argument is always ignored.


MPI_T_cvar_handle_alloc() will fail if:
The MPI Tools interface not initialized
The control variable index is invalid
No more handles available
MPI_T_cvar_handle_free() will fail if:
The MPI Tools interface not initialized
The handle

is invalid

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