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Title: Implementation and Usage of the PERUSE-Interface in Open MPI


Rainer Keller, George Bosilca, Graham Fagg, Michael Resch, Jack Dongarra


This paper describes the implementation, usage and experience with the MPI performance revealing extension interface (Peruse) into the Open MPI implementation. While the PMPI-interface allows timing MPI-functions through wrappers, it can not provide MPI-internal information on MPI-states and lower-level network performance. We introduce the general design criteria of the interface implementation and analyze the overhead generated by this functionality. To support performance evaluation of large-scale applications, tools for visualization are imperative. We extend the tracing library of the Paraver-toolkit to support tracing Peruse-events and show how this helps detecting performance bottlenecks. A test-suite and a real-world application are traced and visualized using Paraver.

Presented: Euro PVM/MPI 2006, September, 2006, in Bonn, Germany.


euro-pvmmpi-2006-peruse.pdf (PDF)

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