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Title: The Open Run-Time Enviroment (OpenRTE): A Transparent Multi-Cluster environment for High-Performance Computing


R. H. Castain, T. S. Woodall, D. J. Daniel, J. M. Squyres, B. Barrett, G .E. Fagg


The Open Run-Time Environment (OpenRTE) -- a spin-off from the Open MPI project -- was developed to support distributed high-performance computing applications operating in a heterogeneous environment. The system transparently provides support for interprocess communication, resource discovery and allocation, and process launch across a variety of platforms. In addition, users can launch their applications remotely from their desktop, disconnect from them, and reconnect at a later time to monitor progress. This paper will describe the capabilities of the OpenRTE system, describe its architecture, and discuss future directions for the project.

Presented: Euro PVM/MPI 2005, September, 2005, in Sorrento, Italy


euro-pvm-mpi-2005-orte.pdf (PDF)

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