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Title: OMPIO: A Modular Software Architecture for MPI I/O


Mohamad Chaarawi, Edgar Gabriel, Rainer Keller, Richard L. Graham, George Bosilca and Jack J. Dongarra


I/O is probably the most limiting factor on high-end machines for large scale parallel applications as of today. This paper introduces OMPIO, a new parallel I/O architecture for Open MPI. OMPIO provides a highly modular approach to parallel I/O by separating I/O functionality into smaller units (frameworks) and an arbitrary number of modules in each framework. Furthermore, each framework has a cus- tomized selection criteria that determines which module to use depending on the functionality of the framework as well as external parameters.

Presented: Euro MPI 2011, September, 2011, in Santorini, Greeece


euro-mpi-2011-ompio.pdf (PDF)

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