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orte-ps(1) man page (version 1.4.5)

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ompi-ps, orte-ps - Displays information about the active jobs and processes in Open MPI.

NOTE: ompi-ps, and orte-ps are exact synonyms for each other. Using any of the names will result in exactly identical behavior.


ompi-ps [ options ]


ompi-ps will display information about running job(s) in the current universe.
-h | --help
Display help for this command
-v | --verbose
Enable verbose output for debugging
Display daemon job information.
-j | --jobid
Display the state of a specific job in the universe. By default all jobs will be displayed.
-p | --vpid
Display the state of a specific vpid (process) in the universe. By default all vpids cooresponding to processes will be displayed. Must be used in conjunction with the --jobid option.
-n | --nodes
Display all of the allocated nodes, and their cooresponding states. By default this is disabled.
-gmca | --gmca <key> <value>
Pass global MCA parameters that are applicable to all contexts. <key> is the parameter name; <value> is the parameter value.
-mca | --mca <key> <value>
Send arguments to various MCA modules.


ompi-ps displays the state of jobs running inside an Open RTE universe.

See Also

orterun(1), orte-clean(1)

Table of Contents

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