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ompi-checkpoint(1) man page (version 1.3.4)

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       ompi-checkpoint,   orte-checkpoint  -  Checkpoint  a  running  parallel
       process using the Open MPI Checkpoint/Restart Service (CRS)

       NOTE: ompi-checkpoint, and orte-checkpoint are all exact  synonyms  for
       each  other.  Using  any  of the names will result in exactly identical


       ompi-checkpoint [ options ] <PID_OF_MPIRUN>


       orte-checkpoint will attempt to notify a running parallel job  (identi-
       fied  by  mpirun)  that  it  has been requested that the job checkpoint
       itself. A global snapshot handle reference is presented  to  the  user,
       which is used in ompi_restart to restart the job.

                 Process ID of the mpirun process.

       -h | --help
                 Display help for this command

       -w | --nowait
                 Do  not  wait  for  the  application  to finish checkpointing
                 before returning.

       -s | --status
                 Display status messages  regarding  the  progression  of  the
                 checkpoint request.

       --term    After checkpointing the running job, terminate it.

       -v | --verbose
                 Enable verbose output for debugging.

       -gmca | --gmca <key> <value>
                 Pass  global  MCA  parameters that are applicable to all con-
                 texts. <key> is the parameter name; <value> is the  parameter

       -mca | --mca <key> <value>
                 Send arguments to various MCA modules.


       orte-checkpoint  can be invoked multiple, non-overlapping times.  It is
       convenient to note that the user does not need to spectify  the  check-
       pointer  to  be  used here, as that is determined completely by each of
       the running process in the job being checkpointed.


         orte-ps(1), orte-clean(1), ompi-restart(1), opal-checkpoint(1), opal-
       restart(1), opal_crs(7)

1.3.4                            Nov 11, 2009               OMPI-CHECKPOINT(1)

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