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MPI_Status_f2c(3) man page (version 1.2.9)

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       MPI_Status_f2c,  MPI_Status_c2f  - Translates a C status into a Fortran
       status, or vice versa.


C Syntax

       #include <mpi.h>
       int MPI_Status_f2c(MPI_Fint *f_status, MPI_Status *c_status)
       int MPI_Status_c2f(MPI_Status *c_status, MPI_Fint *f_status)


       These two procedures are provided in C to convert from a Fortran status
       (which  is  an array of integers) to a C status (which is a structure),
       and vice versa. The conversion occurs on all the information in status,
       including  that which is hidden. That is, no status information is lost
       in the conversion.

       When using MPI_Status_f2c, if f_status is a valid Fortran  status,  but
       not the Fortran value of MPI_STATUS_IGNORE or MPI_STATUSES_IGNORE, then
       MPI_Status_f2c returns in c_status a valid C status with the same  con-
       tent. If f_status is the Fortran value of MPI_STATUS_IGNORE or MPI_STA-
       TUSES_IGNORE, or if f_status is not a valid Fortran  status,  then  the
       call is erroneous.

       When  using  MPI_Status_c2f,  the  opposite  conversion  is applied. If
       c_status is MPI_STATUS_IGNORE or MPI_STATUSES_IGNORE, or if c_status is
       not a valid C status, then the call is erroneous.

       The C status has the same source, tag and error code values as the For-
       tran status, and returns the same answers when queried for count,  ele-
       ments,  and  cancellation. The conversion function may be called with a
       Fortran status argument that has an undefined  error  field,  in  which
       case  the  value  of  the error field in the C status argument is unde-

Open MPI 1.2                    September 2006        MPI_Status_f2c(3OpenMPI)

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