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MPI_Grequest_complete(3) man page (version 1.2.9)

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       MPI_Grequest_complete   -  Reports  that  a generalized request is com-


C Syntax

       #include <mpi.h>
       int MPI_Grequest_complete(MPI_Request request)

Fortran Syntax

       INCLUDE 'mpif.h'

C++ Syntax

       #include <mpi.h>
       void MPI::Grequest::Complete()


       request   Generalized request (handle).


       IERROR    Fortran only: Error status (integer).


       MPI_Grequest_complete informs MPI that the  operations  represented  by
       the   generalized   request   request   are   complete.   A   call   to
       MPI_Wait(request, status) will return, and a call to  MPI_Test(request,
       flag,  status)  will  return  flag=true  only  after a call to MPI_Gre-
       quest_complete has declared that these operations are complete.

       MPI imposes no restrictions on the code executed by the callback  func-
       tions.  However,  new  nonblocking operations should be defined so that
       the  general  semantic  rules  about  MPI  calls  such   as   MPI_Test,
       MPI_Request_free,  or  MPI_Cancel  still  hold.  For example, all these
       calls are supposed to be local and nonblocking. Therefore, the callback
       functions  query_fn,  free_fn,  or cancel_fn should invoke blocking MPI
       communication calls only if the context is such that  these  calls  are
       guaranteed  to return in finite time. Once MPI_Cancel has been invoked,
       the canceled operation should complete in finite  time,  regardless  of
       the state of other processes (the operation has acquired "local" seman-
       tics). It should either succeed or fail without side-effects. The  user
       should guarantee these same properties for newly defined operations.


       Almost  all MPI routines return an error value; C routines as the value
       of the function and Fortran routines in the last  argument.  C++  func-
       tions  do  not  return  errors.  If the default error handler is set to
       MPI::ERRORS_THROW_EXCEPTIONS, then on error the C++ exception mechanism
       will be used to throw an MPI:Exception object.

Open MPI 1.2                    September 2006 MPI_Grequest_complete(3OpenMPI)

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