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prted(1) man page (version 5.0.0rc2)

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prted - Start an PRTE User-Level Daemon


C]prted [options]R]Description

C]prtedR] starts an PRTE daemon for the PRTE system.


The C]prtedR]

command is I]not intended to be manually invoked
by end users.R] It is part of the PRTE architecture and is invoked automatically as necessary. This man page is mainly intended for those adventerous end users and system administrators who have noticed an C]prtedR] process and wondered what it is.

As such, the command line options accepted by the C]prtedR] are not listed below because they are considered internal and are therefore subject to change between versions without warning. Running C]prtedR] with the C]--helpR] command line option will show all available options.


The PRTE maintainers [en] see or the file C]AUTHORSR].

This manual page was originally contributed by Dirk Eddelbuettel <email-address-removed>, one of the Debian GNU/Linux maintainers for Open MPI, and may be used by others.

Table of Contents

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