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prte(1) man page (version 5.0.0rc2)

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prte - Establish a PRTE Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM).


C]prte [ options ]R]Invoking C]prteR] via an absolute path name is equivalent to
specifying the C]--prefixR] option with a C]<dir>R] value equivalent to the directory where C]prteR] resides, minus its last subdirectory. For example:

C]$ /usr/local/bin/prte ...R]is equivalent to

C]$ prte --prefix /usr/local ...R]Quick Summary


will establish a DVM that can be used to execute
subsequent applications. Use of C]prteR] can be advantageous, for example, when you want to execute a number of short-lived tasks (e.g., in a workflow scenario). In such cases, the time required to start the PRTE DVM can be a significant fraction of the time to execute the overall application. Thus, creating a persistent PRTE DVM can speed the overall execution. In addition, a persistent PRTE DVM will support executing multiple parallel applications while maintaining separation between their respective cores.


This section includes many commonly used options. There may be other options listed with C]prte --helpR].

B]CB]-h, --helpB]R]
Display help for this command
B]CB]-V, --versionB]R]
Print version number. If no other arguments are given, this will also cause C]prteR] to exit.
Daemonize the DVM daemons into the background
Do not print a DVM ready message
B]CB]--report-pid <arg0>B]R]
Print out C]prteR][cq]s PID during startup. The C]<arg0>R] must be a C]-R] to indicate that the PID is to be output to C]stdoutR], a C]+R] to indicate that the PID is to be output to C]stderrR], or a filename to which the PID is to be written.
B]CB]--report-uri <arg0>B]R]
Print out C]prteR][cq]s URI during startup. The C]<arg0>R] must be a C]-R] to indicate that the URI is to be output to C]stdoutR], a C]+R] to indicate that the URI is to be output to C]stderrR], or a filename to which the URI is to be written.
Start the DVM as the system server
B]CB]--prefix <dir>B]R]
Prefix directory that will be used to set the C]PATHR] and C]LD_LIBRARY_PATHR] on the remote node before invoking the PRTE daemon.

Use one of the following options to specify which hosts (nodes) of the cluster to use for the DVM. See prte-map(1) for more details.

B]CB]-H, --host <host1,host2,...,hostN>B]R]
List of hosts for the DVM.
B]CB]--hostfile <hostfile>B]R]
Provide a hostfile to use.
B]CB]--machinefile <machinefile>B]R]
Synonym for C]-hostfileR].

Setting MCA parameters:

B]CB]--gpmixmca <key> <value>B]R]
Pass global PMIx MCA parameters that are applicable to all application contexts. C]<key>R] is the parameter name; C]<value>R] is the parameter value.
B]CB]--mca <key> <value>B]R]
Send arguments to various MCA modules. See the [lq]MCA[rq] section, below.
B]CB]--pmixmca <key> <value>B]R]
Send arguments to various PMIx MCA modules. See the [lq]MCA[rq] section, below.
B]CB]--prtemca <key> <value>B]R]
Send arguments to various PRTE MCA modules. See the [lq]MCA[rq] section, below.
B]CB]--pmixam <arg0>B]R]
Aggregate PMIx MCA parameter set file list. The C]arg0R] argument is a comma-separated list of tuning files. Each file containing MCA parameter sets for this application context.

The following options are useful for developers; they are not generally useful to most PRTE users:

B]CB]-d, --debug-develB]R]
Enable debugging of the PRTE layer.
Enable debugging of the PRTE daemons in the DVM, storing output in files.


C]prteR] starts a Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM) by launching a daemon on each node of the allocation, as modified or specified by the C]--hostR] and C]--hostfileR] options (See prte-map(1) for more details). Applications can subsequently be executed using the C]prunR] command. The DVM remains in operation until receiving the C]ptermR] command.

When starting the Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM), C]prteR] will prefer to use the process starter provided by a supported resource manager to start the C]prtedR] daemons on the allocated compute nodes. If a supported resource manager or process starter is not available then C]rshR] or C]sshR] are used with a corresponding hostfile, or if no hostfile is provided then all C]XR] copies are run on the C]localhostR].

Return Value

C]prteR] returns C]0R] if no abnormal daemon failure occurs during the life of the DVM, and non-zero otherwise.

Table of Contents

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