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pps(1) man page (version 5.0.0rc2)

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pps - Request the status of one or more namespaces and/or nodes


C]pps [ options ]R]Description


will request the status of the specified namespaces and/or
nodes. If no namespace or node is given, then C]ppsR] will request the status of all running jobs. This requires that C]ppsR] connect to an appropriate server - the tool will automatically attempt to do so, but options are provided to assist its search or to direct it to a specific server.


C]ppsR] supports the following options:

C]-h|--help This help message-n|--nodes Display Node Information --nspace Nspace of job whose status is being requested-p|--pid <arg0> Specify pid of starter to be contacted (default is to system server --parseable Provide parseable outputR]Authors

The OpenPMIx maintainers [en]

or the file C]AUTHORSR].

Table of Contents

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